We specialize in fine art portraiture, painted digitally or in a traditional way by photo.
Modern advances of photographic techniques empower a photographer to reproduce finest details of an object and transform the image in a variety of ways using powerful software. However painted portraits remain the most valued and sought after kind of art. One of the main reasons is that an artist not just reproduces an object but shares his artistic vision of it, his imagination, his feelings and finally his unique style. All this makes a piece of art an inimitable, exquisite, emotional and timeless treasure.

Our goal is to capture and convey expression and personality reveal the inner beauty that sometimes is not apparent to a casual sight. The digitally painted portraits we create are not an imitation of art by processing a photo on a computer. It's a real hand made painting, stroke by stroke, using virtual brushes, palettes, and canvas - and in addition to that digital tools opening unlimited possibilities for artist's creativity.

Our photo sessions are casual and fun. We attempt to take relaxed and natural portraits that capture true personality of our customers and their families. We are pet lovers and our studio is pet friendly so your fur friends are always welcomed.

We offer a free pre-session consultation during which you can see samples of our work, get advise on how to prepare for the photo session, discuss choice of styles and outfits as well as have any questions answered.

Elegance, style and true artistry are essential to fine art portraiture. Visit Camellia Portraits to experience it first hand. We will cater to a most sophisticated taste and create a portrait that will compliment your style, adorn your house, and preserve your precious memories for years to come.

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