When choosing how your portrait will be painted you have to take a few things into consideration. In order to become a decoration for your house the portrait should go well together with your existing design and style. The painting and frame becomes a focal point of a wall and even the whole room so it's important to think which colors will match and augment your existing palette. We recommend to bring a photo of the place where the portrait will be hanged for one of your appointments with us. Another important consideration is painting style which will create certain mood and which should be in harmony with your personality and your abode. We will be delighted to offer you a free consultation where our artist will help you to choose proper style for your portrait. We highlighted a few most basic styles below. Of course your portrait can be a combination of styles or something in between - or something completely different. Remember, your options with Camelia Portraits are limitless!

Classic Oil, sometimes also called "Rembrand" is a realistic portrait style with saturated deep colors and usually overall darker shades. Elaboratetly painted details, barely visible brush strokes, slightly austere posing. It will fit classic interior with darker furniture and antique decoration.

Modern Oil - Free style painting with rough and wide strokes. Colors are bright and saturated, impasto effect is often used for more expression. Absence of small detail - it's about overall emotional atmosphere rather then realism. A good choice for a modern apartment interior with bright contrasting colors and furniture of a simple laconic desing.


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